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    MooCowMusic: Guitarist is an innovative guitar simulator for the iPhone that ensures you will never again find yourself guitar-less during an inspirational moment.

    - Record and save your song for later playback.
    - Fretboard scrollable up to the 21st fret.
    - Record two guitars (eg. rhythm, lead), each with their own effects, into one song.
    - Every single note sampled directly from a real guitar (rather than pitch-shifted) for maximum authenticity.
    - Unique and innovative guitar interfaces allow _anyone_ to play amazing guitar solos.
    - Overcome touchscreen limitations and play _any_ guitar chord progression at full speed.
    - A choice of acoustic and electric patches available.
    - Use the "Clean Electric" patch to drive your external guitar effects.

    Experienced players can use Guitarist on the road to experiment with chord progressions, and record riffs or solos on a "musical notepad" for later study back in the studio with their full kit. While novices can program in existing tablature and chords to popular songs, and then give note-perfect performances to their friends. Guitarist features a selection of guitar interfaces that have been especially tailored to the iPhone to give, for the first time, the ability to truly play music written for a five foot mechanical device on a three inch touch screen.

    - The 'Manual Fret' guitar is an emulation of a real guitar. Traverse the full fretboard to the 21st fret, then hold the string at a fret and tap or strum over the pickup to sound the appropriate note. Fret and strum chords, or slide solo notes.

    - The 'Hammer-On' Guitar assists your playing by removing the concept of plucking the string, and allowing you to concentrate instead on fretting notes, using the same principle as the real-world guitarist technique of 'Hammer-On'. Press on a fret to instantly play that note, and then can either Hammer-On again to a higher fret, or Pull-Off (remove your finger) to a lower fret. This allows complex solos to be played at speed. Again, the full 21 frets and open string are available.

    - The Tab Guitar takes the opposite path from the Hammer-On Guitar and removes the concept of fretting strings, allowing you to concentrate on plucking notes. Songs are pre-programmed into the Tab Guitar, and then played back live, measure by measure, by tapping or strumming at the pickup. This is represented in Guitarist through the use of the standard guitar notation 'tablature'. You will be able to find tablature to almost any song on the Internet, and anyone can use the Tab Guitar to play their favourite songs live. The Tab Guitar can even be used as a songwriting tool, with 18 of the most common chord types across all keys accessible with a finger-press, or you can program in your own chord pattern via a representation of the fretboard. Program in complex chord progressions, and then strum them back live at full speed.

    - The Scale Guitar allows you to play runs through a large number of musical scales (from Blues to Chinese) in any key. Both the key and scale can be changed at any time and the scale played by running a finger up and down the guitar neck. Not only can the Scale Guitar be used as a live performance instrument, but it provides a useful teaching aid by displaying the notes in each scale and key as you play.

    For more information, including more screenshots, please see http://moocowmusic.com

    Release your inner guitar god with "MooCowMusic: Guitarist"!

    Available on the App Store from the 13th September.

    iTunes Link
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    Dutchess County New York
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    And I thought PocketGuitar was amazing :D. How much?
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    Jul 11, 2008
    hope its only 5.99 like the rest of there apps
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    Anyone tried this yet? How does it compare to the other guitar apps?
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    i bought it a little while ago and i really like it. i also have pocket guitar and like this better, but it is alot more money.
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    From the description I thought this is a new app only just released into the App Store?

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