CarPlay Reliability difference between automaker OEM Carplay and aftermarket head unit Carplay?

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    Hi. I have a 2005 Acura RSX that a added a Pioneer Carplay head unit.... about 2 years ago. It hasn't been the most reliable. It often times disconnects itself from the phone (have had several iPhones and lightning cables). 3rd Party apps like Spotify often times won't load playlist from the Carplay interface, forcing me to actually browse using my phone.

    Well... I am in the market for a new car... 2019 Chevy... something... not sure yet. But I know they come with MyLink systems capable of Carplay and Android Auto. I am just wondering if the automakers have something a little more reliable?
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    I can't really speak to either your Pioneer head unit or the Chevy offerings...

    In my situation, I have a 2010 Mazda MX-5 that I have installed an Alpine ILX-107 wireless CarPlay head unit - works perfectly. I haven't had any dropped connections and Waze, Spotify, Apple Music and Overcast all connect and function exactly as I expected.

    My wife just got a 2019 Ford Edge with Sync3 that also has CarPlay functionality's part of its feature set. In both cars, the CarPlay functionality has been pretty good - no issues to report, and I would rate both systems equal in terms of functionality and features.

    Maybe you have a "lemon" in your Pioneer... or maybe the technology has evolved over the past two years. I will ask around, but few in my circle (family and friends) are even into CarPlay. #neanderthals.
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    I had a wired CarPlay aftermarket radio and routinely I would need to disconnect and reconnect the phone. Since getting the wireless Alpine it has been 100% perfect. Only one time it wouldn't connect and I figured it out a few minutes later that my wifi was turned off on my phone and because of that the car couldn't talk to it.
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    I've got a Vauxhall Insignia, think its basically a Buick Regal in the US, with their Intellilnk r4 system and use CarPlay pretty much the whole time i'm in the car with Apple Maps running for navigation then things like phone calls, messaging and music via Apple Music a lot of the time as well. Cant think of any time where its disconnected or had an issue accessing music.
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    My JVC aftermarket head unit occasionally loses its connection to my iPhone, its happened twice since March 2019. I am able to get it to reconnect after I restart the phone. I have had some issues with Waze dropping off or Pandora losing its connection, but that mostly has to do with my cellular providers coverage. I listened to audiobooks for my trip from Hartford, CT to Nashville, TN and it worked perfectly for that.

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