Reliable SSD disaster recovery backup methods

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    Jun 20, 2010

    I have:
    - Macbook Pro 2010
    - 512GB Apple SSD
    - OSX and Bootcamp with Windows 7

    My final goal is:
    - to resize the partitions using Tunecamp (Paragon)

    I did my homework and found:
    - Some cases of data corruption when using Tunecamp

    I need the most reliable method of duplicating and restoring the current SSD.
    I don't need image files, but an exact copy of the whole disk that is guaranteed restorable. I spent a few hours researching Carbon Copy Cloner, CopyCatX, Paragon XXX, Casper, Winclone, Clonezilla etc.
    I think CopyCatX and maybe Clonezilla come closes to what I need. But I have a feeling that a hardware disk duplicator will always be more reliable because there are less variables in the equation. I found for example Integral-Storage Hard Drive Copy Station.

    Is there anybody who is does this on a regular basis?
    If so, what's your preferred method?

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