Relocating broken sleep/wake button with software

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    May 4, 2012
    Relocating broken sleep/wake button with software

    I am currently in the process of jailbreaking and unlocking an Iphone 3g 8 Gb phone I bought from a

    farmers market a few weeks ago for $20.I had some free time and some extra cash so I thought about fixing it.

    This would be first venture working on any kind of iphone. I have some knowlege on the ipod touch so I went at

    it. For the past three days I have been working on this phone. The phone has a lot going against it.


    - Broken Sleep button
    - No way of turning it OFF
    - Disabled / Emergency Mode
    - Locked
    - No Passcode screen
    - Doesnt respond to windows 7
    - Itunes doesnt recognize it
    - First ever attempt in repairing an iphone
    - 100% Charged battery

    I have been modding electronics since 1994 so my instinct is to uninstall and then reinstall any

    software that could be a potential issue on the computer I'd would be working on. I started by uninstalling

    all Apple software and processes on the computer. I went into windows device manager and uninstalled any

    drivers that corresponded to what I'd be using (portable devices,internet adapters). Deleted any, even hidden,

    folders about Apple software. Then I rebooted the computer. After restart I plugged the Ipod usb cable in and

    then installed Itunes Watched as drivers reinstalled themselves. Reboot.

    Restarted and plugged in iPhone, brings up usb device in windows 7. I'm able to view DCIM folder but

    it's empty and write protected. iTunes still does not recognize the phone. uninstall itunes. Look for older

    version, forgot which version but it didnt matter. The older version of iTunes was for updating only.Install

    and Reboot.

    Fire up itunes and the phone is now seen as an iphone. I get an error that it is passcode protected

    and I would need to do it on the phone to get access update iTunes.Same error. Windows 7 doesnt respond to the

    phone anymore but updated itunes does. So I was at a dead end. Running a loop. Both should see whats

    connected. Turned on Media monkey and it instantly dies. odd

    More Problems:

    - No way to enter DFU mode
    - windows sometimes will respond
    - itunes wants me to enter a passcode

    So I broke out my screwdriver and started opening the phone to turn it off manually. I dissassembled

    and the phone was now off. During the installation the phone turns on. The screen on and its at the disabled

    screen. Not enough time to get back together and get into recovery. Next option was to let the battery die. 22

    hours passed before it I was able to drain the battery. I worked a little on windows 7 drivers and did some

    major reading on how to get this repaired. Trolled many forums from 2007 on up. I also downloaded a lot of

    software that might help in my repair. I tried each program and followed directions on how to use each of the


    - tiny umbrella 5.10.14
    - iReb-r5
    - Disk Aid 5.14
    - blackra1n(PC)
    - sn0wbreeze-v2.9.3
    - redsn0w_win_0.9.6rc16
    - RecBoot
    - limera1n-win
    - ifunbox_en

    - iPhone1,2_3.0_7A341_Restore.ispw
    - iPhone1,2_3.1_7C144_Restore.ipsw
    - iPhone1,2_3.1.3_7E18_Restore.ipsw
    - iPhone1,2_4.0.1_8A306_Restore.ipsw

    With the battery dead I connected the iphone holding down the home button to boot into recovery.Opened

    iTunes and finally was able to install the first firmware. I got some errors after installing the firmware but

    I used recBoot to fix them.I also fixed my hosts file. I was also able to save the blobs with tiny umbrella.

    So with the firmware flashed at 3.0 I wanted to jailbreak and unlock. But first I wanted to upgrade to

    3.1.3 before the jailbreak because many seemed pleased with it. I did the same thing for each firmware

    installation. With no way of turning the device off I went and reset the network settings for a restart.

    3.1.3 is up and running but itunes want an activation?? I insert an at&t sim card into the phone and

    restart itunes and lets me enter the phones new info. I went to jailbroke the phone.It works

    and Cydia is installed. Programs like ifunbox actually work on the computer end. Time for customization.

    Install spree:
    - Winterboard
    - Installous
    _ Quicklock
    - SbSettings
    - Activator
    - BossPrefs
    - AptBackup
    - FuzzyBand
    - Facebook

    Cydia Sources:
    - BigBoss
    - Cydia.Telesphoreo
    - Dev Team
    - ZodTTD & MacCiti

    Everything is going smooth but now I want to unlock it. I installed ultrasn0w and I have 3 unactivated sim

    cards to play with. I have a verizon 4g lte, and at&t and a card that says "sim card". If I put the verizon

    card in I get a setting called carriers in my settings and it shows up as carrier 5.5. The at&t there is no

    carrier setting but it shows up as att 5.6 and the sim card version says 5.5. Each show 1bar and then go into


    Specs for the unlock don't look good though from running fuzzyband 4.1

    Bootloader 6.02 [G2M3S2]
    Model Firmware ICE2-05.15.04
    Version 3.1.3 (7E18)

    Problems as of now:

    - not sure if its unlocked
    - cannot upgrade firmware to 4.0.1 for
    - broken wake button
    - cannot downgrade or upgrade bootloader or baseband
    - NO DFU

    If anyone took the time to read this please help me figure this out.
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    dynamo98 macrumors newbie

    May 20, 2012
    - not sure if its unlocked
    - cannot upgrade firmware to 4.0.1 for
    - broken wake button
    - cannot downgrade or upgrade bootloader or baseband
    - NO DFU

    -for the unlocked thing, AS FAR AS I KNOW, only way to find out would be to pop in non-at&t sim and try to make a fone call.
    ----I heard that could only work for a few OLD firmwares, 4.x.x might be too new, in that case red snow or another program is need
    -----Yeah I know u cant jailbreak without that button, I've heard that some people were able to dismantle their iphone and touch the sensors their selves inorder to get their iphone into dfu mode, also heard some people messed up their mother boards
    -------------Depending on what the baseband is you might not even need to bother with it
    ------------------Yeah a pain in the neck, i attempted this yesterday, (I have a jailbroken iphone that i wanna upgrade to 5.0.1,) but my sleep button is also broke. I heard that you could force cause dfu mode by messing with some files on the ipod and i tried to but just got my phone stuck into a recovery loop, ( i got it out of that about 6 hrs of work later)

    P.S i've been watching some sleep button vids and most ppl either replace the whole sleepbutton/volumebutton/headphone jack installation all together or take a look at the sleep button from the inside and see if the button that you push is actually hitting the contact and make adjustments

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