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Discussion in 'iPad' started by scotty56, May 27, 2010.

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    Not trying to call out anyone on here since I'm sure we all at some point felt this way in one form or another. Just thought it was interesting last year when all the rumors were beginning to come together... This one was posted back in november.

    Forget it - there's not going to be an Apple Tablet and here's why:

    1. It's very uncomfortable to use: while it's very easy to lift and twist the iPhone, imagine having to deal with a 10 inch screen: how would you hold it? How would you watch movies on that? Why would you want to have your hands over the screen all the time?

    2. It's not going to sell well: aside from a few rich Apple fanboys most users would prefer to invest their precious money on a better desktop or laptop computer as they are more comfortable for long term use and will obviously run on better hardware.

    Using a great technology like Multi-Touch on a dedicated computer which can't serve as your main computer is wrong! It would make much more sense if Apple use that technology in a Multi-Touch device which replaces the mouse and keyboard and can be used on every computer.
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    No. 1 is very fair comment.

    How DO you hold one. What ever you do your hands a wrists ache in no time.

    I expect using it in a case is bound to help.
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    Everyone thought these were going to be twice the price they are with point 2.

    Point 1: how do you hold books or maybe more appropriate - clipboards.

    I don't really know how to take your last point. I think it was natural for apple to bring out what the iPhone was derived from. It would've been prohibitively expensive 2 or 3 years ago.

    Although I agree that we will see something along these lines as an input device (and I remember commenting on a thread about that onion article a while back parodying a MacBook with no keyboard...). I hope that I'd be able to use my iPad as an input device for my Mac properly at some point :)
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    Anyone who is automatically negative about a rumored Apple product is probably isn't as smart as they thing they are. They are definitely lacking any perspective other than that in their narrow "world."

    In the Jobs II era, almost everything Jobs has pushed out has been genius, and marketing has been nothing short of brilliant. There are a few exceptions like the G4 Cube -- great idea, overpriced for even ardent Apple fans, and AppleTV, a tad too expensive while being a hair short on features, but generally Apple has been on fire and shows no sign of stumbling. It's sheer folly to bet against a SJ led Apple especially when the product is still vaporware b/c SJ isn't going to stake his rep on a flop.

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