Remember those Leopard Drop-Ins???

Discussion in 'macOS' started by TopGear300, Mar 19, 2008.

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    Ok so I bought myself a new iMac back in late october and it came with Tiger installed and a Leopard install disc in the box. Not a big deal... it did take a little while to install but it didn't bother me. So my question to you mac experts is this, First off I am buying an old PowerBook and want to throw leopard on that, and my friend's HDD crashed and we need to reinstall leopard on it as well ( of corse he lost his install discs lol) and don't forget I already used one install originally on my new iMac. How many installs do you get with those drop-in discs?

    THANKS!!! :apple:
  2. aaronw1986 macrumors 68030

    Oct 31, 2006
    Apple has no tracking system for licenses, but legally you get one.
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    Jan 13, 2004
    Washington, D.C.
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    For the friend that lost his disks (assuming that's not just a clever way of saying he stole it in the first place), yes, it would be legal to use your disks to reinstall. He owns a license, so he is legally allowed to have a copy of Leopard on his machine, regardless of whether his disks were used. You only have one license, however, so you could not install it on two machines with that one license (legally).

    Keep in mind though that the Leopard drop-in disks may not allow you to install it on another machine anyways, previous versions of those disks were locked to the type of computer or to one with the previous system version already installed.

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    believe it or not those drop ins are the generic brand of leopard. unlike the system disks that come with a specific computer like you said

    silly apple throwing their operating system around like nothing
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    Come on Guys

    I thank you for the responses! I am as big as an apple buff as the next mac rumors member so I say this with the best intentions. I know what is legal and thats not my question. It isn't hard to figure out, apple only wants that to be used as a backup disc/driver for the original machine once. I started this thread really in search of people who may done more than one install with the leopard drop in. Whether it is legal or not need not be mentioned, mainly because we all know its probably illegal ;). I do find it interesting that so many apple customers would be concerned of illegal use of an apple product. If my question was about a windows drop in, we would all say, install it on as many computers as you can LOL :D ;)! Im not 100% sure apple cares about people installing it more than once. They obviously know people do it, and HELLO we are talking about Apple, INC here, they obviously have the smarts and technology to stop it. I do wonder why they don't. Just one of the many reasons I love apple and will never go back to PC.
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    Oct 31, 2006
    You'll never go back to PC? So you'll never again own a personal computer? That is sad. Maybe you should just not go back to Windows.
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    Mar 10, 2008
    i get what you're saying but it just isn't that way anymore. you would think that PC=personal computer. thus macs, wintels, etc. are all PCs. however, i think the current mainstream usage is different. a mac is a mac, and a PC is usually thought of as a non-apple x86 computer running some flavor of windows.

    i think apple sees it that way as well, otherwise their "i'm a mac, i'm a PC" ads wouldn't make very much sense.
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    Anyone else feel like you're at the mall and listening to 11 year olds having a philosophical debate?
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    Oct 9, 2007
    Yes apple does have the technology to stop people from well illegally using Leopard, but the activation, and serial number system that windows uses is SOOOOOO just plain UGH, and inconvienent, even if you own the copy of windows legitly, I still HATE having to activate it, adn i feel insulted by the fact I have to.

    So apple saves their fans a step by trusting them.. it maks using OS X much more convienent and apple does this by relying on the goodness of the average man. THAT trust apple has in their fans is ALSO what keeps people being honest about buying Leopard. As you said, people on macs are much more conscious about if they have a legal copy of Leopard, simply because Apple trusts us... ok now im talking in circles, but my point is, Microsoft doesnt trust their users and they make us go throguh inconvienent and annoying processes, and as a result people just find ways around those processes, also lose respect for the company. Understand the circle Microsoft has going for them now?

    LOL, thats kinda true, but dont diss these members, they mostly know what they're saying.

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