Reminder: Backup any purchases made on iTunes, they can be pulled at any time.

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    Just a reminder that copyright owners can edit/remove content from the iTunes store at any time and this can also remove your ability to download past purchases (and Apple doesn't care if they do). -- "...once you download an item of iTunes Eligible Content, it is your responsibility not to lose, destroy, or damage it, and you may want to back it up."


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    After talking with iTunes Support over a missing movie that I wanted to watch one night on my Apple TV they responded with: "I checked the movie and it seems that the movie has been edited/modified by the copywriter owner having that. I would like to advise Jason, that Dear Jason, [sic] when this occurs the item will no longer be available for re-download."

    ^ Is freekin wonderful, right? Now I have to backup all the season passes for TV shows I purchased (most of my movies are on Blu-ray and Music is backed up with my normal computer backups).

    Anyway how exactly does this (theoretically) work for people with only a iDevice or Apple TV?
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    You're right, it is not acceptable. Fortunately it happens rarely (and I don't know of a single case where this happened with a TV show, only some movies). Usually existing owners can still redownload the content even if it is no longer for sale in the iTunes store. Check in the "Purchased" section in the iTunes store (menu on the right) if the movie is still visible there. Also make sure it is not "hidden" (under Account settings in iTunes, "Hidden Purchases").
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    It's been on-and-off for me. I purchased a song in 2010 that was taken down. I couldn't find it in iTunes in the Cloud, and as a result, I got store credit. I also downloaded Square Wallet before it was taken down, but I can still re-download it.

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