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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by thatanonymoususer, Nov 4, 2015.

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    In light of some new security issues: I would like to remind everyone in an un-related note, that the clipboard can be read by any app requesting access to it. This is useful for apps like Deliveries that want to be able to check if you copied a tracking number into your clipboard, but I've found while using the Protect my Privacy jailbreak app, apps like Plants vs. Zombies 2 and others were requesting the same permission to access the clipboard.

    So if you use any password managers, please take the time to turn your Clear Clipboard option on or remember to copy something else after copying a password or any personal information.
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    It would depend on your password manager, but here are some examples:

    1Password: Settings->Security->Clear Clipboard and then choose an interval.
    LastPass: Manual clearing is possible in the actions list
    Password Manager: "optional auto-clear clipboard on app exit"
    mSecure: according to change logs, it auto-clears after 2 minutes
    Norton Identity Safe: I didn't see anything for auto-clearing
    Dashlane: found an entry in their forums for a request, but no confirmation in change logs yet

    There are quite a few out there in the app store. If the password manager you have doesn't have an auto-clearing function, you may want to consider copying something random once you're done with your private information. I personally also copy my password first, then my username as my password is unique to each service I use, but usernames have some overlap.
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