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Discussion in 'iOS 5 and earlier' started by jjk454ss, Dec 4, 2011.

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    This seems so simple, but I can't get Reminders to display in Notification Center. What I want is to add a Reminder(Pickup Milk), with no due date or Remind Me time or place, and just have it displayed in the Notification Center until I check it off. Can I do this? Or will they only show up after they are due?
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    They will only show up in notification center if you assign a due date. This is something I really hope Apple will address in a future update. Also, the reminders don't seem to show up in notification center in any particular order (certainly not in the order they are due).

    IMHO the entire reminders app could use some work. If you want to add a due date or a location to a reminder, you have to create it, click away, and then click it again to set these options. Who thought of that? Also, the app doesn't follow Apple's own UI guidelines. Unlike every other app that has + button in the corner for making a new event, the reminders app has you tap at the bottom of the list to create a reminder. The whole app just feels not quite fully thought out. Here's hoping Apple gives it the once over in 5.1.
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    This does kind of stink, but it's what I was thinking was the case. I don't see a way to make a new reminder default with a due date either, am I missing this, or do you have to create a due date each time?

    Reminders does have the + button, but you can also tap at the bottom. Notes I think let's you just tap below the other notes to crate a new one as well. Edit: maybe Notes doesnt let you tap below, I thought it did.

    Thanks for the answer on the reminders in notification center.
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    If you use Gmail/google calendar, you will get reminders on the lock screen with a notification tone. You can set when the reminders are to appear (or not at all) Works well for me. Tried the iPhone app, but turned out to be a duplication of info. So, because I use Gmail, I just use it's calendar. Instant sync if you enable that.
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    There is a way you can have all reminders scheduled for the day you add them to. If you tap and pull down while in reminders you will see a search area and a alarm icon at the top. click the alarm icon and a new list will open called 'scheduled'. Every item you add to scheduled will be due the day you add it so it will show up automatically in the notificaiton center.

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