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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by paulold, Apr 8, 2008.

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    Mar 3, 2008
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    At work, I have a Windows PC. And my company lets me use gotomypc to access my work PC remotely, from any computer. Thus, on occasion I work from home.

    Of course, I had to try using gotomypc on my iPhone seeing that the iPhone has Safari and all you need is a browser. But the iPhone's Safari does not have the java plugin just yet and the gotomypc viewer is a java app. It would be really cool to be able to use my iPhone to access my work pc via gotomypc. It'll be interesting to see what happens when java is added to the iPhone. Do you think it will work when that happens? I'm expecting java soon after the June update.

    Now what about the Back to My Mac or desktop sharing features of Leopard? I haven't been able to play with those features since I only have one mac computer. But then what about my iPhone? It's a mac computer running Leopard, right? ; ) My home computer is a MacBook Pro running Leopard. What would it take for my iPhone to be able to access my home computer? I do have a .mac account as well. I'm sure it's not possible now, but what's holding it back from happening?
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    #3 - This allows you to access your Mac from your iPhone, and even snap images from the iSight camera built into the Mac and view them instantly on the phone! There is no need to jailbreak the phone either, and it's free.

    I have this installed and it works really well, but unfortunately only when I am on my network. I am no expert at these things and cannot get it to work when outside of my network. It is possible, but I have tried and failed. If you have any luck let me know :D
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    gotomypc for the iPhone

    I just spoke with someone in Technical Service for and inquired about when gotomypc will be available for the iPhone. He said they are currently working on it and are aiming to have it available when the iPhone software updates in June. Yeah! Imagine, controlling a work pc from an iPhone... Hmm.. will my finger be the mouse?
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    #5 works with the iPhone but the way it has to be set up is pretty clunky to work.
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    #7 is some software that I use to remote control my desktop at work using the iPhone. It's not perfect, but if I need to get in and tinker with something when I'm not there, it's more than adequate.
    It's software that I installed on my Windows XP machine. I have to get into our company using the VPN, and then there's an icon on my iphone desktop to connect to my computer.
    I was amazed the first time I needed to do something and it worked.

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