Remote Desktop Connection from Mac OSX to Windows XP

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Boogsephine, Feb 28, 2011.

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    Feb 28, 2011
    Hey all, I have been a lurker on this board for quite some time. The board has been extremely helpful being I switched from a Windows computer to Mac a little over 2 years ago (not one regret either!).

    Here was my setup before I started having an issue:

    I have a MacBook running Snow Leopard and a desktop computer running Windows XP. I was pretty much a professional using Windows XP before coming over to Mac so I needed to keep that computer for some applications that my work uses and only work in XP. On that note, I downloaded the Remote Desktop Connection application for my Mac from I had no issues for the past 2 years with it. There are a few programs I have to update on the Windows computer and rather than going across the house and doing it manually, I'd rather remotely connect from my work desk.

    Here is where my problem began:

    Yesterday I backed up my MacBook and my Windows XP computer as I generally do backup's about once a month. I had no issues with any applications or anything until I was in bed last night and realized I needed to update the program I use to stream my videos and music files. I opened up RDC (remote desktop connection), the IP address is a static IP so I knew nothing was wrong there, user name and password fields were entered properly, and it connected but dropped me instantly and took me back to the RDC connection screen. I tried again and it just kept trying to connect.

    After trying a few times, I closed the program out completely and re-opened it and tried again.. nothing.. did the same thing. After trying those few times, I restarted both computers and made sure the Remote Sharing was enabled properly on the Windows computer (firewall is OFF on the desktop, BTW).

    I took the MacBook into the computer room to see if the desktop would do anything when I tried to connect (it always takes me to the Windows log-in screen since I am remotely using it) and the only thing that happened was the screen made a very quick flicker (and it was VERY quick). It was trying to do something but just wouldn't fully connect.

    I tried updating the RDC software to the newer version but it is recommended to only be used on version of Windows higher than XP. I tried it anyways and it did the same thing. It would seem like it is logging in but kick me right back to the connection screen.

    Any help here with this problem will be greatly appreciated and I hope one of you geniuses can help me resolve this issue! :) I tried using TeamViewer and hate the GUI of it and I'm trying to avoid other 3rd party software like VNC freeware, etc..

    Thank you for your time reading,


    On a side note, I am rocking a uni-body 13.3" MacBook from mid-2009, 2.4HGZ processor, 4GB memory, 250GB hard drive, and an airport extreme (not in use right now, though). I am about to purchase a new 27" Quad-Core iMac since I am back in school for video production (main reason I went with Apple). Anyways, sorry to make this post even longer..
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    Oct 31, 2009
    As with any error analysis I would try to narrow down the issues. Try to connect to the PC with another machine, preferably a Mac. Maybe you could temporarily open up the RDC ports to the Windows machine - and then try from another computer at work or at a friends place? That way you could get a hint on whether the error is on the PC or Macs end.
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    Feb 28, 2011
    Thanks for the reply, schimmel. I tried remote connecting from a computer here in the house running Windows 7, didn't work. I tried doing the same with my old laptop running XP and had the same issue.. lastly, I tried using an older iMac my room mate had and same problem.

    I can tell it's the Windows computer that is having the problem. I know this is a Mac forum but I'd just like to see if anyone else here had this problem in the past.

    Remotely connecting is VERY helpful in this house and it really bites that it stopped working out of no where. :(
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    Mar 20, 2007
    While it won't fix the RDC program specifically, I would highly recommend [url="]Teamviewer[/url]. The software is free for personal use, and provides remote system control, file transfers, Presentations, etc. The setup is a matter of installing and running. Then you can create and account and add all of your systems to that account for quick and easy access.

    I use this, I love it, and it's simple. Works over internal Network only if you want, or you can leave it open to work over network and internet.


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