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Aug 30, 2004
Adelaide, Australia
I have a MBP with Lion on it where the screen recently **** itself (external monitor still works), now I don't really need this laptop to become a desktop, so my idea with it is to hide it in my data rack and act as an iTunes server with a NAS I will soon get (for ATV), to save my iMac being on 24/7.

Thing is, I don't want to buy a monitor for it, why should I when I can just remote into it and do whatever I need to there. Remote desktop PC->PC is easy and built into the OS. Is there a method for Mac Lion? Quick goggeling wasn't successful...


Nov 28, 2010
Wow nice quick reply thanks!
It got me on the right track to find this its for Lion. Probably the same method for other versions but yep.
It's the same method, thus I didn't bother to search for a Lion specific one.

Screen Sharing is quite useful, especially when you screen share onto a Mac running a Virtual Machine, at least for me, that is strange, to access "two" computers at once. ;)