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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by rnizlek, Jan 11, 2010.

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    I'm a longtime Mac user, but I recently put a Mac on my desk at work. It's been a great experience so far (I don't know why I didn't do it sooner), but back when I used Windows it was very easy to connect remotely from my laptop when I was out of the office.

    I used to use Windows Remote Desktop Connection over a VPN and I still do to provide support for the PCs in the office. But I'd like a way to access my Mac and a few other Macs I've added to the building.

    I'm really resistant to use VNC - I use VNC for plenty of other applications at work, including providing support to users in multiple locations. It's great for support, but it's a little clunky compared to RDC. When I was logged into RDC, I felt like I was working right at the computer I was logged onto. VNC really has a 'remote' feel to it - especially over higher latency connections (for instance, I use a USB cell modem to work when I'm traveling). I'm looking for something that has much of the feel that RDC gave me, but to connect two Macs together.

    I could care less about using this for screen sharing/support, as I can use VNC for that. But I just want the best way to work off the Mac in my office when I'm on the road.

    I'm torn between Apple Remote Desktop and Timbuktu. Having used neither, I'm not sure which one would fit my needs better. Anyone have any experience or suggestions?

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    While it's a bit prepackaged and boxy, the latency is low and I love how easy it is...try Team Viewer from

    Also, there is VineServer, and you can use Chicken of the VNC as your client. Pretty much straight VNC.

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    I use Apple Remote Desktop at work a lot and like it. But it's very expensive and so I haven't bought a license for personal use. When I'm at home without my work Mac and need to connect from one of my personal Macs to another one, I use two solutions:

    1. Snow Leopard has a VNC client built-in which works pretty well. In the Finder, click the Go menu, then "Connect to server". In the resulting box, enter "vnc://" followed by the computer's IP address or name.

    2. JollysFastVNC is a lightweight third-party application, and it works on OSes other than SL. I've still got an old PPC iMac hanging around, and so I use this app on it when I need to connect to one of the other Macs in the house. It's quite fast (even on that ancient iMac), and I've been pleased with it. The developer is fast to issue updates, too.

    I've never felt like either of these are clunky, although I do agree that some of the other VNC solutions out there don't feel nearly as good.
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    I also love team viewer. One question though. How do I get my Mac to auto accept a connection?
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    What do you mean? Autoaccept?

    For me, I just add each pc to my home for me...Mom, and my mac at home.

    Then from any pc I can log into teamviewer with my account info, and see each one that is online with teamviewer. Then right click on the one you want to work with and select from the list.

    Check out the attached pic...

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