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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by jer446, Jan 24, 2006.

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    hello. Im in a little trouble.. my aunt.. An EXTREMELY newbie computer user, just got a mac. She is so frustrated with setting it up, that she is ready to return it. I am going to her house on friday to set up everything, but i am sure she is going to still have troubles.. I need to set up something so i can easily connect and take control of her computer.. Is apple remote desktop the easiest way to do this? I know that on windows the remote desktop like never works.. is there any firewall issues i should look into.. because this is like my one shot to get it right,..
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    There are better threads on Remote Desktop here on MR, more info can surely be found there.

    As for your specific problem.
    You should use a VNC client like Chicken of the VNC.
    Some people wil tell you to install OSXvnc as a vnc server on your aunt's computer, the server included in OSX might do (it's what i use here internally).

    If your aunt connects to the internet via a router you should set up port forwarding to the internal ip of her computer.

    After that you will just have to find out her public ip to be able to connect.

    Good luck

    now search ;)
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    The MR guide provides a very nice way of not having to muck with the remote user's firewall or having to determine their public IP address and still maintain a secure setup.

    Uses Remote Destop Client and COTVNC over a ssh tunnel.

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    use dynamic DNS along with VNC

    It's easy to solve the above problem.
    Go to and get one of thier free accounts and a mac client for dynamic DNS. Details on on thier site. The basic service is free and that's all you'll need.

    Once you are finished you can always access her computer by typing somthing like
    "" DNS will be updated every time her IP changes
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    Ok i have her ip, i checked remote desktop on her compuer, and then i showed her how to open up ports 5950 and 5951, but chicken of the vnc wont connect any suggestions?

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