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Mar 26, 2006
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I am interested in purchasing remote desktop and was wondering if you guys good tell me if I should. Firstly does it work through a firewall? Also is it good for home use or not. I would mainly use it to access my computer at home from work.



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May 5, 2005
I use it at work for 350 plus machines Mac and PC. I like how you can control the PC's that have a VNC client on them. It works really well. Slowness is occasionally an issue but not rarely. Its kind of pricey however and if you are only doing a few computers i would say you are maybe better off with a free version some where. Hope this helps!


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Mar 16, 2004
Andover, MA
Chicken of the VNC is all you need. Your Mac has a built-in VNC server (System Preferences...->Sharing->Services->Turn on "Apple Remote Desktop" and set it up with a password). Enable port 5900 (or, say 5900-5902 or so) on your router and built-in Firewall, then use something like to get a dynamic DNS address for free, then use CotVNC - or any VNC client - to access your home system from work - assuming work has the ports open as well.