Remotely connecting to Mac from PC - Best options?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by mrblack927, Jun 17, 2010.

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    Aug 19, 2008
    Hi all,

    Where I work, we all have Windows computers. A friend who works next to me is constantly connected to his home computer (a PC) via RDP. The connection is remarkably smooth... almost no lag at all. You almost can't tell that it's a remote machine.

    Seeing this, I thought "hey, that's a novel idea", and decided to try the same thing with my home computer. The problem is, I have a Mac:D. Of course, Apple's answer to remote desktop is VNC, so I set up the port forwards, came into work the next day, and connected to my Mac with TightVNC from my work PC.

    Unfortunately, the results were disappointing. The lag is so bad that it's basically unusable. 5-10 second lag on every mouse click, every key stroke. Now I've done a few searches and the most common thing I hear people say is "you need a faster internet connection". Well, I'm fortunate enough to live in one of the few areas where FiOS is available and I have a 20/20 line at my house. That's 20mbps download AND 20mbps upload. My internet is crazy fast. On top of that, the company I work for is a commercial telcom provider and our office computers have 40/40 (or better) internet connection speeds.

    That is (presumably) why my friend can use his remote PC and not even tell the difference. So my question is, how the hell can Apple not have an equal or better remote desktop solution??. I mean, I jumped on the Mac bandwagon because it does everything better than windows! Don't tell me Apple is going to let me down now:(.

    So, to all of you who have experience with this, what's the best (smoothest) solution for connecting from PC -> Mac? I've only tried the built-in Snow Leopard VNC server so far, but I've heard people talk about LogMeIn, Back to my Mac, PC Anywhere, and Apple's enterprise Remote Desktop software. Are any of these faster than VNC? I get the feeling that most (or all) of them just use VNC for the connection.

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    I think the more important question is what are you wanting to do on your home computer from work? Obviously, intensive tasks do not usually perfom well through remote connections. I use Logmein from my work computer (PC) to access my mac at home for simple internet surfing due to fantasy football sites being blocked through the work server. There is a slight delay and I adjust the settings to give me the fastest possible connection. You might want to give it a try since basic access is free. It works for me because I'm not expecting much and my only need is to browse a few websites.
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    maybe you can try teamviewer, it's free for personal use.

    No need to setup IP or network info ... Very nice and easy to use. :D

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    Good question. I develop iOS apps in my spare time and since I have a lot of downtime at work, I like to work on that to keep myself busy. Other than that I would usually just find the windows equivalent and install it on my work computer. :)

    Great! I'll try that and LogMeIn when I get the chance. Remember though, I don't care about ease-of-use. I can set up my own port forwards and NAT traversals. All I care about is pure speed. Whatever the fastest, smoothest solution is, that's the one I want to use. :eek:

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