Remounting NFS volumes

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    I've got my Macs mounting a directory served over NFS from my Debian Linux server. My server is running on somewhat flaky hardware, and occasionally it craps out and needs a reboot. Sometimes after doing this, my Mac gets stuck in a weird state of being able to access some files on the NFS share but not others. The NFS server is clearly working correctly again because I can get to certain directories from the top-level share, but other top-level directories are inaccessible, both from Finder and Terminal (which gives "no such file or directory" when I do an ls in the top-level directory). This always gets fixed if I reboot my Mac, but that's a pain -- I'd rather just have it remount my NFS share, but I'm not sure how to do that. I've entered my NFS share in Disk Utility, so it automounts at boot and I don't normally have to manually mount or anything like that. Anyone know how to force a manual remount?
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    You could create a service in Automator to mount and remount the volume

    Go to automator, at the very top there are two drop down boxes, change them to No Input in Any Application

    Then, Add Get Specified Finder Items

    Drag your mounted network share

    Add Eject Disk

    Add Get Specified Servers

    Type the address and share name you want to add

    Add Connect To Servers

    That should remount the network share

    To use this click on Finder (or whatever your active program is go to Services and your Service should be there

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