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    Hello everyone, I may have a newby question here but here goes:)

    The CrashPlan Pro application that was installed on the iMac I am using is locked and I am not finding success in removing/uninstalling it. (When I try to unlock the check box in the 'Get Info' pane the box repeatedly re-checks.)

    I am logged in as ADMIN with the Master Password and have attempted to simply drag the icon to the trash- no success. I also tried to remove the application by using spotlight to locate all files/folders and was able to delete everything but the actual application.

    I end up getting a message that states I don't have permission to delete the application... Pretty frustrating!

    Thanks for any help on this.
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    Go to the Crashplan web site and download the software then open the dmg. As I recall it has an uninstaller there.
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    Did you try changing the system and user immutable flags? In the terminal window as root type the following after cd /Applications/

    ls -lhdO /Applications/

    the response:
    drwxrwxr-x 3 root admin schg,uchg 102B Apr 8 2013 /Applications/
    schg,uchg are the system and user immutable flags. To remove them, do the following:
    chflags noschg # this removes system immutable flag
    chflags nouchg # this removes the user immutable flags

    More detailed and generalized explanation can be found here:
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    Yous saved my Sunday! Thanx a lot!!!


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