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Discussion in 'macOS' started by Blackfoot, Apr 4, 2011.

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    since today the Finder displays a new computer as a "shared(/bonjour?)" device. Judging by its name it's my brother's computer, but he lives more than 100km away. There's no way he configured dyndns or any other means of broadcasting the computer's name beyond the LAN, so how the hell can it show up on my computer? I tried the usual permission-repair / reboot / etc. but so far I couldn't get rid of it.

    The strangest part of all is that I have access to this computer's 3 public folders (see screenshot below). I'll ask for his password tomorrow to see if I can get a deeper access in the files, but apparently it is possible...

    Is there a way to display this computer's IP (such as a terminal command), so that I could tranceroute it back and learn a little more about this?

    Thanks for your help!

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    What's the name? And you're certain this name is unique to your brother's computer? If not, could just be another shared PC that happens to be on the same subnet on your ISP.
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    Absolutely. It contains our family name, which is relatively unique. At least unique enough to exclude any possible coincidence here.

    However : I launched iStumbler and it says this computer is being shared over bonjour. Not over the LAN but Sounds like Back to my Mac. Which I never configured...

    This get's weirder by the second :s
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    Having the same problem here. I set up a wireless computer to computer network between my MBP and a friends MB to transfer some files. Was shocked to see when I got home that the network was connecting over the internet. Now I can see when ever my friend's MB is switched on. Can't seem to break the connection from my MBP though :confused:

    Have you ever set up a network between your brother's computer and yours?

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