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    This may be a bit long winded but here goes. I have all my music stored on an external hard drive that is connected to my Macbook Pro, I have all of it loaded in to iTunes. I recently got iTunes Match and Apple Music which I have used to match or upload all my music. Given that to put any music I want on to my iphone I have to download it via wi-fi, I was thinking of disconnecting my hard drive of music from my Macbook and just using my cloud stored music. Where the problem lies is when I "remove download" in iTunes so that only the matched or uploaded files shows in the cloud, the local file is deleted but not to the trash so that I can recover it. Am I going about this the wrong way or am I doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Why do you want to delete the local files, and then recover them?

    Make a backup, delete your local files, and then enjoy streaming Apple Music.
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    The problem is quite a complicated one. In essence, what you are wishing to do clashes with the way iTunes operates.
    1. iTunes needs local storage space to operate for caching and various other reasons. If you remove your external hard disk iTunes will need a new local file structure within which to operate. Having two parallel libraries might get confusing over time and I can't imagine it ending well since iTunes is temperamental at the best of times.
    2. If you just 'stream' your non-local music, they still get cached. iTunes caches heavily when there is enough local storage - both the media file itself and auxiliary data like album artwork. So, even if you start with an empty local drive, after you've played each song in your library once - assuming there is enough local free space - you'll have effectively just downloaded your whole library again and be back to square one.
    But if you still want to try it, @M. Gustave's suggestion is the way to go.

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