Remove SIM before selling Verizon iPad 3rd Gen?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by ProMod, Oct 15, 2012.

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    I've read conflicting reports on these forums and elsewhere on what to do when selling an iPad with cellular. I have an iPad 3rd Gen (Verizon) that I just sold on eBay, and I'm unsure whether to leave the SIM card in the iPad. It's a pre-paid SIM that came in the iPad when I bought it. The account has been canceled and it's not tied to my post-paid iPhone account in any way.

    Take it out and be safe, or leave it in as an added convenience for the buyer if there's no risk of it being tied to my account or credit card in any way?
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    With iPad SIM cards there is no way the new owner can tie it back to your or get your personal data. It's best to leave it in.
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    Actually, if it is a Verizon iPad, the new owner might not be able to use that SIM. There's been reports that on a Verizon iPad, once you cancel the data plan, the SIM deactivates and you need to get a new SIM. Furthermore, there's been reports that when people go to a Verizon store to get a new SIM, they get talked into contracts, or a post-paid data plan that can't be managed from the iPad, or other such nonsense. You may want to warn the new owner of this before you hand it off.
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    there are two type of cancellations; to cancel immediately, or until the end of month. If you cancel immediately, the SIM is burnt, and SIM is no longer usable. If you cancel at the end of the month, you have a 6-8 month window before you billing detail is removed from the account (so you can go back and restart your prepaid plan)

    The safest way is to ship your iPad to the buyer without the SIM and provide a link to the buyer to purchase a brand new inactive SIM from this eBay seller:

    (of course you can provide a brand new inactivate SIM to the buyer as a good CS)
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    I just shipped it with the SIM still intact. I didn't see the last post until after I had shipped it. I'm going to call Verizon and see if they can help me out.


    Verizon said there's nothing to worry about. They said more than likely the person will need to get a new SIM anyway, and even if they do try to use the one in the iPad, none of my information is stored in the iPad or in their system. They also noted what we talked about in case the person does somehow charge data to me.
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    Are you sure.

    According to this:

    "Delete Account Later": Select this option if you want to discontinue the monthly service for the next month only; your account information will remain with Verizon.

    To be prudent if you have chosen "Delete Account Later"' I would watch your next month c/c statement closely.
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    I guess we will see! I really don't know why this has to be so confusing.

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