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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by abcdefg12345, Dec 30, 2014.

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    i was experimenting with today view extensions in Xcode and i accidentally added a widget to today view to see if it works and what i ended up with is a widget that has all the layout correctly set but cant click on any buttons and i don't know how to remove it from there, i deleted the project that i made with the today view and emptied the DerivedData folder in library/developer/xcode but it still shows up there

    any way to permanently remove it and why didn't any buttons respond to my clicks when i click them while it works perfectly with the simulator
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    I googled for the following search terms, which are essentially the important keywords in your post:
    remove xcode widget

    On the first page of results is this:
    App Extension Programming Guide: Today

    After users install an app that contains a Today widget, they can add the widget to the Today view. When users choose Edit in the Today view, Notification Center reveals a view that lets users add, reorder, and remove widgets.
    If you haven't used Edit in the Today view, then try that. If you have used it and still couldn't remove your widget, then clearly state that.

    I recommend reading the complete App Extension Programming Guide, which includes Today widgets, so you know all the fundamentals.

    I also suggest that you practice using such widgets with a known-working app that has a widget. Make sure you know how to manage the known-good widget before making your own.

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