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    I'm constantly reorganizing my library and during that time I also go through and convert any unmatched singles I've downloaded out of iTunes to AAC 256kbps files, the problem is that it creates two copies of the song that iTunes Match often attempts to match:


    This also occurs whenever I replace a single with an album and remove the single; the single still remains within my iCloud library and is available to redownload but no way obvious way to remove it. You can see it in the above screenshot, I tried to delete the MPEG file (which wasn't matched) and it just remained added via iTunes Match.

    Is there a method to remove iCloud versions of the music? iTunes Match is still uploading my library that wasn't matched (about 20gbs to go) so I don't know if there is a way afterward? Thanks, guys.
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    Bump. Wondering same myself.
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    There is no way right now. All tracks uploaded will be removed when iTunes match beta is completed so you will have to upload once again.
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    Yeah I was wondering the same and was just going to wait until the Beta ended since everything will be removed.

    I didn't like that it started to uploaded every single song that it didn't match. I want to be able to select which albums I would want to upload and be able to manage those songs.

    Out of 12,000+ songs iTunes Matched around 8,000 and began uploading the rest. It also gave me no indication on which songs were matched and which were being uploaded besides the song it was uploading at that time.

    I also experienced something similar on my iPad when I enabled iTunes Match and then disabled it. It was still stuck showing around 10 songs that were greyed out and I could not remove them. I had to perform a restore on the iPad to get them to go away.
  5. Senseotech, Oct 8, 2011
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    The more and more I use the Match Beta, the more I think its going to be like any other Apple product; the first release does what it says and thats about it. But as time goes on, and this especially holds true since its an online software product and not a hardware device, the users' needs and wants will drive it to become better. If no other "features" present themselves on launch day, it will still be a working, useful product for many, and I expect iterations to come sooner rather than later to satisfy those whose needs are quite met. Things I'm missing, yet remain confident will be in the service before too long, like a cloud library reset, a matching report listing things matched and not matched, the ability to modify cloud libraries once matched, are all things above and beyond the basic "we match or upload your songs and throw them into the cloud for you" premise, but are things that are close enough to the core idea as to be impletmented quickly I think.

    I can actually envision that in the not too distant future, maybe even before our current subscriptions lapse ;), the ability to log into iCloud and listen to an iCloud Library from the browser for those of us on shared computers or public machines; no downloading, but simple, press play and it streams the audio to you, making the rights holders happy, giving Apple even more feature parity to Google Music and Amazon Cloud Player, and making users happy too.

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