remove windows7 and get back leopard back

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    Sep 2, 2010
    hey guys i setup a bootcamp and made a partition of 5 gb and i tried to install windows7 but the partition was too small so and i was clicking around so i accidently click on the hard drive macintosh and now its installed on it and i have lost my leopard and on top of that some how it reinstalled the windows 7 again so when i go to c drive in windows it shows me old windows7 and i have nothign of os snow leopard so how do i get back snow leopard and remove windows 7 permanently please help

    P.S. my macbook pro is like a pc i really need to get this fixed thank you thank you
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    Oct 25, 2008
    Well that doesn't sound like fun at all...

    When you boot into Windows and look at the drive, only the windows folders are there? No Mac User folders, Library, or System?

    If so, Windows probably reformatted the drive during install (which I guess it would have to if it was mac formatted...).

    At that point, you could have gotten your data back by hooking the drive up to another computer and using some restore software to recover the data after the format. However, now that new data was written over the drive during install (and use afterwards), the data that was there is most likely gone.

    To get your mac back to being a mac with Snow Leopard, your going to need to reformat the drive and re-install 10.6.

    To do this, you need the DVDs that came with your system (the grey ones) or a retail copy of Snow Leopard.

    Put the DVD in your drive and restart, booting from the DVD (hold C at startup). Once the installer opens up, look for the Disk Utilities app (in the Utilities Menu). Format the drive into Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and then you should be good to install 10.6.

    Good luck-

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