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May 20, 2009
My father in law just gave me his iMac....i don't want to reformat it because there's nothing on it. He never used it. In system preferences under Users and Groups, how do I remove his Apple ID from there. When I select his and choose the - it won't go away. I have my apple id set up in there already.

Also, is there a way to change it so that the computer itself isn't his name? I changed the User to my name but on the sidebar it still shows his name and also the Device is his name.

Really don't want to reinstall.



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Jan 6, 2002
Are you logged in as your user account? It won't let you delete the one you're logged in as. The quick way to find out is to click on the Apple menu and the last option will say "Log out [xx user]...". If you're logged in as him, log out and into your account, then delete the account the way you described. Also, make sure that the Preference Pane is unlocked (there's a padlock on the bottom of the window, you have to click it and enter an admin username/password to unlock it).

To change the computer's name, go to System Preferences -> Sharing, and change the name at the top.



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May 12, 2013
Deleting Apple ID

Hi There,

Every time I log out of the App Store, FaceTime etc it keeps on logging me back in. How do I stop this please.

Thank You
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