Removing AppleCare from an Acct.

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by vladzaharia, Aug 16, 2010.

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    Jul 5, 2010
    So I was stupid and purchased AppleCare for my iPhone and Mac through eBay (I know, don't judge, I was taken in by the prices). One of the retailers has already given me a refund, and told me to deregister it at my convenience. The other flat out refuses to help me in the matter. Quite rude, too. Oh well, not that much money lost.

    In any case, I called up Apple today and explained the situation to the advisor from Portables, explained that I wanted to purchase one directly from Apple and remove the old one off the account. She looked up the wait time for an AppleCare Administration advisor, and it was too long, so she gave me a case ID and told me to call in the morning, when lines are shorter. I explained to her about the fact that the reseller is ignoring my requests for proof of purchase, and she said that the AC can't be refunded without the original PoP.

    So what I want to know is whether anyone has managed to have an AppleCare removed from the account, with or without a refund. If you have, how did you do it, who did you call?

    I just want the whole thing to be resolved and for me to have coverage and peace of mind. I've already worried about it too much today after reading some stories on here about what has happened (in that eBay super-thread).
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    Apple is not the sort of company that will blacklist you because you bought AppleCare on ebay. You wanted to save money. Big whoop. Now you want to buy direct from Apple. I'm sure they will do whatever you want them to do, only I'm surprised they asked you to call back the next morning.

    As for the seller on ebay, I'm sure they will be satisfied with whatever email Apple provides you with that says your AppleCare is no longer registered. Whatever you do, do not provide your new applecare # or serial # to any seller as "proof". You can always pursue a claim through ebay that you suspect the item is fraudulant if the seller refuses to refund your money and you have gotten Apple to remove their applecare from your equipment.

    Remember that the reason you are doing this is you have reason to suspect the validity of the Applecare you were sold and you have reason to doubt you can figure out whether it really works within the normal return period. BTW, I believe you have 30 days after an auction closes to file a claim so you should do that before the time is up if you don't have your money yet. "It's in the mail.", "My account is locked", "Я не говорить по-английски", "My dog died" are not valid reasons the seller cannot provide you a refund BEFORE your ebay claim time expires.
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    Jul 5, 2010
    Actually, the agent gave me the option of calling back tomorrow. She checked the wait time, and it was at 30 minutes to go, so she told me this, asked me if I wanted to call back in the morning, where wait times are closer to 5 minutes for AppleCare Administration. I agreed, since I was using up minutes and didn't have many to spare anyway. She gave me a case number, and told me to have a nice evening, etc.

    The rep did say that it would be a lot harder to have the AppleCare removed if I did not have the original PoP. She didn't say impossible, but she did mention that it would be a lot tougher.

    I'll see what happens tomorrow. The seller of the Mac AC has refunded me the money, and was also really nice and understanding. The other one, eh... Not so much. He said that even if I have it deactivated, he wouldn't give me back the money. At this point, I upped the dispute to a claim on PayPal, stating that he didn't give me all the required information to fully claim ownership of the warranty, with some other evidence as to why that's needed included. Worst comes to worst, I chargeback on my credit card, or I lose a relatively small amount of money. I don't really want to CB since PayPal usually closes accounts on CB, and that kinda sucks.

    Oh well, the main thing I want at this point is legitimate coverage with no chance of scams. I don't care about what I paid for the iPhone AC, that can always be earned back.
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    Jul 5, 2010
    Just for anybody else who happens to come across this thread:
    If you bought a code from eBay and are worried about its authenticity and want to purchase one from an authorized retailer, call in to Apple. If you insist enough, AppleCare Administration will escalate your request up and it will be removed without PoP. Make sure to explain that you are worried about it being revoked after the normal warranty expires, so you wouldn't be able to repurchase AppleCare. The code will not be recycled, so the person who you bought it from will not be able to resell the code. It takes ~48 hours to remove the code.
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    I only buy those that are sealed in box, from reputable vendors.

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