Removing deleted users' home directories


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Jan 17, 2002
everytime I delete a user in os X, it asks where i want to put that user's home directory, and then I can't delete that folder from the user's directory. Anyone know how to get access to delete these folders? thank you.


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This will do it

You cant delete another users directory cause you don't have permission.
You can however get permission from the cmd line.
your login has Admin.
Name of user is to be removed is Max

Open a tcsh. (open a terminal window)

type in
sudo rm-Rf /Users/Max

you will be asked for a password. Use yours.

In explanation
sudo = Super User Do (gives you root access[or Admin if you prefer] to your machine)
rm = remove
-Rf = recursive force (perform the command on everything in this path and don't ask me if I'm sure I want to remove it ' cause I know what i'm doing)


Use sudo with caution
I am guessing that the user files have not been moved and are still in the Users folder. Otherwise use the path to where they have been moved to in your cmd line.

Tell me if I have not been clear and i will run you through it step by step using MSN Messenger f you like.

Good Luck