Removing Logic 9 before Logic X installation

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by moneybags, Jul 16, 2013.

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    Hi guys

    I haven't bought Logic X yet but I surely will in the nearest future, but here is the question which is bothering me.
    Let's assume I want to buy and install Logic X + MainStage 3 and have Logic X + MainStage 3 as the only Logic version on my MBP. At the moment, I have Logic Pro 9 and MainStage 2 installed with all additional content in-app downloads.
    So, the question is: how do I completely remove Logic Pro 9 and MainStage 2 from my system and make sure that there are no unnecessary "leftovers" and no HD space is being wasted by the files left from the previous version of Logic?
    I remember that complete removal of a box version of Logic 8 was a real pain in the neck, so now I'm trying to be as cautious as possible.
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    You might try one of the many "App Delete" type programs. They can find all the related files. Search for "delete" or "app delete" in the Mac App Store

    But a more conservative approach is to move the old version or rename it to "logic9" and keep it until you are sure the new software is working with no bugs. If you depend on it, make sure you have a way to revert to the last known working system. Well I guess Time Machine does that. But I plan to keep both on my Mac for some time.


    I upgraded. The new Logic X does not overwrite the old App. After in it installed it offeres to down load 35GB if "additional content" I saved some of that by already having some "jam packs" The new Logic X sees what is already there and it saves time by not re-doing it.
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    There's a list of things that get left behind if you just trash the application here:

    That's what I used to get rid of everything after deleting the main Logic Pro 9 and Garageband applications and it seemed to do the trick. I installed LPX afterwards and downloaded all of the additional content, and all seems fine. I tried opening a few LP9 projects, with no issues, so don't really see the point of keeping the old version too (unless you have any 32 bit plugins).

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