Removing Redundant Subfolders in Photos? (Solved)

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  1. Bsarmini, Apr 12, 2015
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    Jan 11, 2015
    Okay so I recently moved my iPhotos library to the new Photos app after I updated my Mac OS. I also went through the liberty of making sure all of my pictures were moved from my iPhone so I could clear the photos on there and sync it with my Mac.

    Now I did just that and a decent bit of the pictures are separated into these stupid "Moments" folders. So I have like 60 folders each with one or two pictures in them with the date on the folder name. They're all located in the "iPhoto Events" folder in my library

    Is there anyway to break this down without going into every single folder? I prefer my library just a big list of images, the dates are so off anyway. I have pictures that were taken last week that are showing up as September 2009. Thanks guys I really appreciate any help, this is bugging me lol
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    Jan 11, 2015
    Here is a screenshot of what I'm referring to if it helps:
    I'm fine with actually keeping the folders I created myself like the "Baby Pics" one but all those dated folders are bugging me.
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    Looking forward to tipsters filling us in on organizing photos and imported album structures in the new photos app. We'll all have issues like this. I suspect it will be a matter of dedicating hours to keywording and album sorting?
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    From what I've seen so far you can just delete the folders/albums/images in the 'Albums' view and the image themselves remain in the 'Photos' view. If you wish to permanently delete something in the 'Albums' view you need to use Cmd+Delete to accomplish that.

    Deleting images in the Images view deletes them from you library, where they are moved to 'Recently Deleted' where they remain for 30 days.

    So in theory you could just delete all those albums and either use the 'Photos' view to view all on your images in a huge list. Failing that you could also create a new 'Smart Album' and just import all images in to that where they will automatically be sorted by date using their metadata.

    It looks like Apple are targeting your sort of organisation. Ideally they want you to store all your images all together and choose which of those to make in to albums, similar to your 'Baby Pics' album.

    Hope this helps.

    P.S. You can also move those folders out of the iPhoto Events folder if you want by right clicking (cmd+click) on the album/folder and selecting 'Move Album out of...'

    P.P.S. For God's sake double check everything I've said here and make a backup. I don't want to be responsible for you losing all your images!
  5. Bsarmini, Apr 13, 2015
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    Jan 11, 2015
    Gonna try that and update with the results! I'll be sure to backup my pictures on an external hard drive first ofcourse. Thanks for the tip and heads up!

    EDIT: That seems to have done the trick on my Mac Photos app! However on my iPhone it's still showing all the albums as is ): I synced it and restarted it and everything so I really don't know whatsup. Won't let me delete it straight from the phone either since they are synced folders.

    EDIT: So I managed to find the fix. I unsynced my iphone with my Photos app and let all the pictures and folders delete off of the iphone. I then resynced it and allowed the pictures to move back over without those annoying folders. Problem solved!

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