Removing the Adobe toolbar from MS Office


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Aug 20, 2005
London, UK

I have MS Office 2004 and Adobe CS2 installed on my Mac.

Now whenever I run an Office Application (Word, Excel etc.), I get the "Standard" and "Formatting" toolbars, but I also get an "Adobe Acrobat PDFMaker" toolbar.

Now, I have tried deselecting it, and I have tried deleting it. However, afterwards, every time I open an Office application again, it 'reinstalls' itself.

So, the question I have is: how can I remove the Adobe Acrobat PDFMaker toolbar from my MS Office applications. Any help much appreciated.



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Jun 2, 2003
Baltimore, MD
man this issue is so annoying, adobe is like a virus in this respect. I had removed several different files with the solution I found last time, but somehow an update to adobe caused the return of this problem.

SO irritating!!! This trick worked much better and simpler.