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    So, i got fed up of even my custom login screen images being blurred but curtosey of Bobby T at the Apple forums i found a somewhat workable solution. (

    NOTE THAT YOUR IMAGE WILL NOT BE 100% CRISP! THERE WILL BE A SLIGHT OVERLAY ADDED EVEN THOUGH ITS NOT IN YOUR IMAGE! BUT THE BLUR WILL BE GONE! (I assume this overlay is there so its easier to see what your typing? Not sure though)


    1.) Get the image you want (Preferably the size/resolution of your screen)
    b.) Is the image NOT .png? Get it converted! (Unsure if required but i did it)

    2.) Name the file

    3.) Navigate to /Library/Caches
    and drop your file in there overwriting the one thats there.

    4.) Logout to test!

    *.) For those who have used DarkBoot.command on their systems AND have FileVault enabled, your boot-up image will no longer be a plain background with your username/password box it will be this new image in its 100% crisp full quality form. This makes seeing your password (The little dots) a slight bit harder but that shouldnt effect anything. :D
    Also, im only assuming its DarkBoot.command that causes this because i noticed even when i did have the plain background the username/password text was definitely different/more transparent.

    You can also lock the file so that the system cant change it back but im not sure if that would cause problems with trying to change again later.

    Im not sure why Apple made our login backgrounds blurry, i think its rather stupid but someone, somewhere is probably loving it so to each their own!

    Login Screen:

    Boot-up Screen (FileVault)
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    My sentiments exactly :p

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