Removing wifi antenna from 2014 MBP lid

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by distanthunder, May 16, 2016.

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    May 9, 2016
    Short question: How do I remove the LCD display from the aluminum lid to get to the WIFI antenna of a 2014 13" MBP? I do *not* care if the assembly is destroyed.

    I know some will ask "why?"
    A friend gave me a 2014 13" macbook pro that was water damaged. The display does not function and the battery does not charge but the keyboard, trackpad, and all the other ports (including HDMI out) work fine.

    I was able to remove the entire lid including WiFi module with antenna and it functions as a desktop mostly fine. The big down side is that I had to remove the WiFi module (it probably wouldn't be good to run it without antenna connected) and there is no Ethernet port. I attempted to use four(!) different WiFi dongles but none of the drivers work and my HDMI display is no where near my router so a USB to Ethernet connection would not be practical. If I could get the wifi antenna out of the lid, it would make this little project a lot easier and cheaper.

    I know someone else will say to take it to the apple store. ;)
    The apple store estimated $800 to repair it and said it was the logic board. I considered buying the parts from iFixit and doing the full repair on my own but I do not know which combination of components is damaged. (The LCD back light comes on and a small cluster of pixels turn white and I believe the battery has fault protection for water damage but I am not positive) I have 3 other computers so getting this thing to work is just to keep another machine out of the landfill.
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    Isn't it just under the black plastic cover at the bottom of the display? I've done it on a cMBP before. You remove the display from the body and then slide the black plastic part over one inch and you can lift it off to expose the antenna under it.

    You can probably find directions on

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