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  1. Vice92 macrumors regular

    Jul 13, 2009
    Hey guys,

    I used this process I outlined in a previous thread to convert my .mkv encodes to .m4v so I can bring them into iTunes and play them over my :apple:TV3 (You can skip down to the end if you don't want to read through the process).

    "Download Remux from here :

    Then, drag and drop the original mkv into the program.

    Under the "Reencode" column in the same row as the audio, it should default to "no". Click the scroll down menu and change to AC3 448k.

    Set an alternate save location (or rename the file) or else your original file will be overwritten and the conversion will fail.

    After Remux does its thing, you will now have an mkv with a AC3 audio track rather than DTS.

    Now, drag and drop this new file into Subler. Passthru both the audio and video track. Rename this audio track "Surround Sound" or something like that.

    Then, drag and drop the same file into Subler again, this time only keep the audio track checked and use the drop down menu to select "AAC - Stereo". This will convert the AC3 track to Stereo audio for playability on an iPhone/iPad. Rename this track "Stereo" or something similar.

    If you want to save the original DTS track as well, just repeat the step above using the original, unconverted mkv, only check audio, passthru, and rename to "DTS" or something similar.

    You should now have a video track and a couple of audio tracks in the Subler window. You must order them as follows:

    Video Track

    Or else the resulting mp4 will not play audio in iTunes.

    Now use the magnifying glass in the top right corner of Subler to add metadata, etc.

    Then, click the video track and a few options should become available to you. Make sure the video profile is set to main@3.1 (I've heard the aTV can support other versions, but its not officially listed on the Apple site, so main@3.1 is what I use).

    Then, when none of the tracks (video, audio, etc) are highlighted, an "Other Settings" menu becomes available. Use this to set the file as 720p, 1080p, etc.

    Finally, when you are ready to go and start the process, if your file will be >4GB, you must check the "64 bits chunk offset" option in the "Save As" menu."

    My issue is, for the first time ever, Remux won't accept one of my .mkv encodes. I drag and drop the file into Remux and just nothing shows up. So I'm at a loss how to convert the DTS audio to AC3. Any thoughts?

    I'm going to give the new MP4Tools beta a shot, as well as Subler 0.17, but my previous experiences with these programs have produced .m4v files with audio sync issues.
  2. Menneisyys2 macrumors 603

    Jun 7, 2011
    Just remux the file with MKVTools (assuming it can read it), making sure you explicitly select AC3 as the target file type. Then, you can already add the AC3 track via several MKV editors like MKVTools itself (of course, there wouldn't be much point in doing so as the above step creates an MKV too) or Mkvtoolnix.

    It's the easiest and fastest way of doing the extraction & DTS->AC3 purely audiotrack-only file creation & conversion in one step. And the resulting MKV may even be readable - that is, you may not even need the separate AC3 track any more.

    I've even written a tutorial on how to use this feature (that is, the fact that it leaves the converted audio track in the file system while remuxing) - see my two posts starting at #780 at
  3. Vice92 thread starter macrumors regular

    Jul 13, 2009
    Thank you, that information was helpful. I will give it a shot the next time I run into a problem. I forgot you can selectively choose what tracks to convert in mp4tools, producing just a converted audio track, which you can then mux together with the video file. However, I was able to use mp4tools 3.2.b14 to convert the DTS->AC3 + AAC 2 chan, and convert the filetype from .mkv to .m4v without any sync issues. My first successful use of mp4tools for this purpose so far.

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