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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Howard Brazee, Jan 26, 2007.

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    Howard Brazee

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    I succeeded in copying my wife's old laptop's "Program Files" folder to her iMac desktop. It took me a while to notice that every time I tried to connect, I created a connection on her desktop.

    I'm still working at installing Windows in Parallels, but I assume I will be able to drag that folder to the Windows VM. But I want to rename it first. I checked Mac help and all the menus, trying to figure out how to rename the folder. But I'm not finding the procedure (no right button to click)
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    Just hit Return with the folder selected. Or, when the folder's selected, click the name again.

    EDIT: Also, you can right click on the Mac. If you only have a one button mouse, hold Ctrl on the keyboard and click to get a right click. If you have a Mighty Mouse, you can set it so a click on the right side of the mouse is a right click. And if you plug in any standard USB mouse with more than one button, you can use the right button to right click. :) No right click is a myth that disappeared ages ago on Macs. :)
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    Control-click is your right click on a one button mouse. Mighty Mouse requires that you enable right-click in its preference pane.

    Renaming couldn't be much simpler. Select the icon and press the <return> or <enter> key. You can also rename it by using Get Info (command + I) and changing it. Get Info will also show the extension, if extensions are hidden.
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    all the above is why I went out immediately and bought a Logitech wireless mouse. scroll wheel, left and RIGHT click places!

    Coming over from PC to iMac was just too tramatic with mighty mouse!:D

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