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Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by metaclay, May 10, 2011.

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    Hi, i'm doing some test with render manager on very small scale network just for an experiment. I'm using 2 mac : imac quad core and macbookpro 17. So each of this has airport active using static IP, connected to router which is a gateway to internet, both can access internet. Then for doing rendering and transfering big movie files. i found this is too slow, so i plug cross utp cable to connect both mac ( using ethernet) . So both mac got 2 interface (airport and ethernet - they're up without problem). Both also got unique static IP (2 IP address for each computer, so total i got 4 IP address assign to both computer), i manage them so there will be no conflict. So far everything is OK, both can talk each other using ethernet ( which i can transfer using ethernet more than 10x faster than the airport) and both can access internet without problem (using airport).

    Case :
    1. I turn ON files sharing in both machines (setup in system preferences). If succedded i can see the other Mac's icon will show up in finder (in shared section). But which connection is being used ? (ethernet or airport - of course i want the ethernet which is much faster). I cannot tell, until i test copying files to test the speed. After doing some research i found out , the sharing session will pick up which network interface is activated first. So to switch connection, i have to bring down one interface first, so it will automatically switch to use another interface. Let say the file sharing is using the airport, then i have to turn off the airport , in a couple of sec it will automatically switch to the ethernet, later i can bring up the airport again. So is there any method i can control/choose manually to select which connection /interface i want to use for sharing files/folder rather than let the OS pick it up for me???

    solution : using other method of sharing files/folder is by mounting ... so i can use 'connect to server' in the finder menu ... this way, i can control which connection to use (have not been testing it a lot) , coz i can input IP address (which directly represent the interface, my airport and ethernet has been assign unique static ip : and , subnet . But i still need the answer for no.1 , anyone can help me ?

    2. The problem become a serious problem when come to render farm (distributed rendering/proccessing) activity where the speed is critical. Where data need to be transfer back and forth between the two render client. if pick up the wrong connection /interface , than absolutely it will slow like hell.

    Anyone has similar experienced on this problem ? bassically i want to use airport just for the internet connection and the ether is for transfering big files and for renderfarm activity. Of course other simple solution is turn off the airport so all connection is using the ethernet. But again if i can get solution for the problem , it will got value for that knowledge. If anyone got any idea or suggestion, i'll be very happy :)


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