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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by shinerburke, Feb 25, 2011.

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    Jun 29, 2010
    There was a movie my wife was wanting to watch, Knight & Day, and when I go into iTunes it won't let me rent it in HD but says that option is available on the Apple TV or iPad.

    There's the problem. We have 2 Apple TV's and 1 iPad and watch movies on all three. This particular movie she wanted to watch in the bedroom, but I had rented it on the Apple TV in our "Media Room" so we couldn't see it on the one in the bedroom. My question, can you rent the HD content from within iTunes on a PC and view it on the Apple TV? If so, how? Maybe I'm just stupid, but movie after movie keeps showing me I can rent the HD version on the device but not from within iTunes on my PC. Pretty lame setup if that is the case since we have 2 of the devices and don't want to get tied down to watching movies only on the device it was rented from just in case we rent something and then decide we would rather watch it on the other television.
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    The solution I've found is to rent on my iPad and then stream it to the ATV of choice using AirPlay. I really wanted to watch the Back To The Future movies in HD, and that was the only solution I could find for the problem you're describing.

    I think it has to be content providers limiting what devices we can access HD content on, because I can't see how it would benefit Apple to do so.
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    Apr 30, 2010
    It is actually pretty disappointing with the lack of content available directly to the AT2 via itunes rental. Even though I have jailbroken it and installed Hulu and a few other extras, I like the amount of stuff on Itunes. I just cant get it directly. I either have to rent it or buy it and then air share it. I figured the entire I tunes library for shows and movies would have been available if not through scrolling a basic search .
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    Not sure about what I originally posted--maybe I'm as confused as everyone else--sorry.
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    I've only rented one movie since I've owned two ATV2's, but I was able to watch the rented HD movie (Easy A) on my bedroom ATV2 and also my family room ATV2. Actually, my wife and I rented it on the bedroom unit, fell asleep about an hour into it, then watched it from the part we paused it at the next day on the family room unit.
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    To the OP, you can rent on one ATV2 and then watch it on the other one. I think you have to go under Settings and click on "Check for Rentals" or something like that.
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    May 6, 2007
    Rent from the iPad with airplay. Or try using your computer to rent and then add to the ATV to watch during the rental periods.

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