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Sep 24, 2008
Montréal, Canada
Since i've been on iOS 10 I've started using Spotlight more and more, but I realized that most of my results are not in the order i want. I can't seem to be able to reorder them the way I did in previous iOS versions. Can anyone help?

(I went to Settings >General >Spotlight Search)


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Sep 23, 2008
It is unfortunately one of those obscure changes that Apple occasionally makes. They always quietly remove some useful features for seemly incomprehensible reasons.

They also did not do anything to reduce the size of the list at Spotlight settings either. Only a few of my third-party apps actually support the Spotlight APIs, but the settings shows all apps regardless, even though they do not even appear in search results.
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May 13, 2008
I find this super annoying. This is something I've been requesting ever since it went away. It would be 10x more helpful to me if the web search button were at the top of the results instead of having to wade through everything else...
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