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Mar 19, 2019
I’ve got a mid 2013 11” MacBook Air 8gb ram 128gb hard drive. Reciently there is no video on the screen and only works through an external monitor. I sent it into Apple and they want just about 800 to replace the logic board.

Online I can buy a 2018 13” MacBook Air 8gb ram 128gb hard drive with 2 years of apple care for around 1400.

I use the computer for nothing major. Surfing the web and streaming Netflix to the tv etc. Should I pay the exorbitant (in my opninion) price to repair my almost 6 year old laptop or upgrade.


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May 29, 2014
North Carolina
I definitely wouldn’t pay to repair it if it was mine. You are really only talking about $600 difference to upgrade your 6 year old computer. You could also consider checking the refurb store / various sales recently to minimize the price of new. You could also probably get some money by selling your old one online.


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Jan 2, 2017
New York
I would highly recommend buying a new one, especially at that price. Also, take a look at B&H online for a better deal than Apple most likely. They also have stock on 2017 MacBook Pros that are drastically discounted. Might be worth a look to get more bang for your buck.


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Apr 25, 2011
If this was insurance then the repair would be more costly than half of the current value of the broken Macbook, They would write it off and send you a check. So if you look at this without sentiment, you are already in for 8, so go ahead and add the other 6, if you plan on staying with Apple, and with their build quality, that would be great!


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Dec 19, 2004
As an alternative. If you don't want to pay for a new one. You can get an 8/256 11" 2013 Air off eBay for about $400. Plus you could probably get another $100 to $200 for your busted one if you sell it for parts or repair only.


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Jul 25, 2016
I wouldn’t pay $ 800 to repair antiques. There are enough very good laptops around for $ 800, but if you really want another Apple search for deals on the internet.


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Apr 28, 2003
No internal display video but external video working you look at a cable failure, which is definitely be repairable for much less money.

You could try it yourself, too:

Don´t get it repaired at Apple when you are out of warranty. They will nickle & dime you to the bone.
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