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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by auero, Sep 21, 2009.

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    Sep 15, 2006
    I wanted to post this so that anyone can reference back to it in the future by SEARCHING. I know this is long but it shows how at least a company cares about its customers.

    I've owned many apple computers in my life and I've only had one previous problem with a Apple G5 tower but part of the reason the repair was a horrible nightmare was because it was done with an authorized dealer and not apple themselves because at the time an applestore was just too far.

    I guess this is what the early adopters have to pay for. In January I purchased the first revision unibody 15" Macbook Pro. Over time I noticed the screen would pulse faintly as if it wasn't getting enough power. I ignored it because I didn't want to be pestered by it. Another 2-3 months go on and I'm using my laptop and notice it just shut off (I was watching TV at the same time so I didn't have my eyes on it when it exactly happened) I tried to turn it back on and no go. I tried everything to get it work but no go, had to take it to an Apple Store.

    They told me it was the logic board and that it'll take a week to repair. I wait a week and I get a call from Apple. I assumed it was just the regular "You can come pick it up" but instead I was told that they have no idea what's wrong and that they have to ship it out to depo to get it fixed. I had no choice but to let me do it. A week goes by and I'm called to pick it up, works great.

    August 23rd I'm in a limo on my way to the airport to leave for Florida with a few friends. I open my laptop to sync my ipod and shut it off. Once I'm in the air I decided to watch a movie so I opened my laptop and hit the power button and waited for it to turn on. Every time that the logo load up and the screen would turn blue as if the OS was finally booted it would just shut off. After so many tries I got it to stay on for a mere 30 seconds but I noticed certain keys weren't working. This was a damper into my trip because I couldn't get ANY work done. I called apple and they said they'll have a box at my house waiting for me to ship it to them so that they can fix it.

    I get back home, ship it away About a week goes by and I get it back only to find it all scratched up and on the sheet that tells you what they did, they said they switched the hard drive out. What didn't make sense was, before I sent them my laptop I put in the ORIGINAL hard drive which is smaller because I didn't want my data going to them. I made sure that the problem still continued with the ORIGINAL DRIVE. I boot up the computer, same thing.

    At this point I'm very angry and call up Apple and I get a gentleman by the name of Michael. He told me he's very sorry and that I'll have to ship it back for another repair and they'll exchange the housing of the case. I thought apple had a policy about the 3 repairs so I got angry that I had to go another week without a computer but he couldn't do anything else. I said fine and let it go. He told me that the first repair in the store didn't count and he said they don't repair in-store which was surprising.

    About two weeks after waiting on parts I get it back and I take it out of the bag to find it more scratched, DIRTY and with black grease on it for some reason. I look at the report of what was fixed and they replaced the logic board and the screen (didn't know there was an issue?) I called Michael up as he assured me everything would be fixed (He gave me his extension incase of any issues).

    He left notes for the people repairing it to be extra careful and replace the housing of it and they did not. They even screwed it on half assed as there were gaps where they screwed it back together. This also didn't allow the battery cover to close up without forcing it. He told me that I'd have to send it in and before I could even start getting mad he quickly added "So that I can give you a brand new machine, I'm terribly sorry for the trouble". They also upgraded me to the newest model that replaced mine and asked if I wanted to make it a BTO (I'd pay the difference of course). They'd also transfer me applecare over to the new machine as well.

    If you have patience, good things can happen. I've lost my cool once but quickly pulled back because there is no point in yelling to the guy over the phone who isn't actually fixing it. As for my laptop all they asked is for me to send it back and as soon as its scanned in, they ship my new one.
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    Apr 26, 2009
    my apple store replaced my june 2008 white macbook with a october 2008 aluminum macbook (2.4 ghz model) after it had white spots on the display, 2 bad hard drives, a bad usb port. good to know apple is consistent with replacement policies.
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    Sep 16, 2009
    Glad to hear it has a happy ending.

    Perhaps the new Apple motto:
    What we lack in quality, we make up for in customer service :p?
  4. Regulator72 macrumors newbie

    Sep 2, 2009
    whats with the grease?? I received my white MB back from repair (twice) and both times it had black greasy finger prints all over it, like a mechanic had fixed it??? strange, but they did fix it correctly the 2nd time :)

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