Repaired MacBook Pro Screen Artefacts - Again

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by catmonkey, Mar 11, 2009.

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    Hi all, I did have a previous thread about my poor Apple customer service experience but it is long gone now, here is a quick re-cap:

    - first repair cancelled because of poor communication (told 3 dates on which the repair would be completed, but this was not the case each time.)

    - Took it in a second time when I had more free time from work, had it away for 10 days and got it back with an Applecare covered bill of £1129 bill as the logic board, display, battery and superdrive were replaced.

    I have had it back for three weeks now. While working in Motion and Final Cut artefacts slowly started to show up, growing in size and quantity until my screens looked like the image attached. Is this a typical sign of another failing 8600? Or could it be software related as suggested on the phone?

    It has not happened since, even though I have had Final Cut and Motion open for hours on end again.

    Thanks in advance for the advice given.

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    Chances are it's the 8600GT again. It's unfortunate but if you're currently with this model, hopefully you get the GPU problem 3+ times and Apple will replace it with the new unibody MacBook Pro's (hopefully). With the Early-2008, it's going to be a repetitive repair since the odds are the 8600M GT is going to fail and there's nothing really you can do to prevent it from failing.
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    Catmonkey, this is very interesting. Supposedly the manufacturing problem was fixed post September 2008. Since it's only happened once, it could be just a one off glitch...these are computers after all.

    Please keep us up to date if it happens again.
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    Hi again,

    I will be getting a call at 5 this evening from a senior technician to discuss if it is a hardware or software issue - I got through to this person through my customer relations contact.

    I have however since noticed that now if I open a Motion template and loop it while doing other things, the canvas starts to glitch and my mouse pointer jumps - Motion will then crash after a short while. The main thing I have noticed here is that my fans are not going above 2500rpm and only rise from 2000 when the GPU is at 80 degrees, whereas before they came on at far lower temperatures.

    Does this effect anyone's opinions on the fact it's most likely another faulty 8600?

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