Repairing Cracked iMac 27 Screen Experience

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Raichu123, Dec 1, 2009.

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    Nov 4, 2009
    Just wanted to put my experience in this matter which may help others to decide on what to do with their iMac if they have a cracked screen.

    So I ordered a 27 iMac/i7 on 11/11/09 and received it on 11/23/09. And I was one of the unlucky ones that had a cracked screen on the lower left hand corner. So I called up Apple on the 23rd, and they said to bring it in to an apple store on the 24th (I have applecare). I brought it in and they said that they would repair the screen by putting a new glass pane on the iMac.

    It was ready on the 25th, but I picked it up on the 28th (I was out of town). I picked it up and they had that sticker on top of the glass pane on the iMac, and the cracked part seemed to be gone.

    Here comes the weird part which I assumed Apple would have been more smarter about. After I brought it home on the 28th, and pulled the sticker off. When the apple technicians put the glass pane on the iMac, they forgot to take out the plastic wrapping that was underneath the glass pane. So, there were several stickers and plastic wrap in between of the glass pane and the LCD screen. I was really frustrated at this point.

    So I had to lug the iMac back to the Apple store.. and they were really surprised that this happened. So after an hour or so, they fixed the problem. And now its finally all better. I made them turn it on in the store just to be sure everything was fine.

    So just my .02 on the debate for either repairing/replacing the iMac for a cracked screen. I feel if you want to repair, you'll get it back really fast, but may have additional issues. But, if you replace, it will take a lot longer to get it back and you might get a new one, hopefully.
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    for those people who don't have the time (or even an apple store in their country) if you find there's something between your glass and screen, just pull the glass off with something that sucks.

    I used my tomtom holder.

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