Repairing foreign iPhone under warranty?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Fzang, Jul 9, 2015.

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    I've purchased an iPhone in China. Now, about 7 months later, the camera broke and will not focus. I've tried all common remedies and it seems to me it can only be a hardware fault.

    I took it to an Apple premium reseller (no Apple Stores in Denmark) and he said they could only take in and repair iPhones from EU and US, and told me to go the nearest Apple Store in Sweden (which luckily only takes an hour from where I live, albeit an expensive train ride), as they will be able to repair it, or most likely replace it.

    My question is not "what kind of ******** is this?", but rather "can Apple repair a foreign iPhone within the 1 year warranty?" or am I going to pay for it, along with train tickets for delivery and pickup of the phone?
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    As I understand it, the Apple warranty is only good in the country or region (such as EU) where the phone was purchased. Contact Apple to be sure.
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    I had an Australian iphone 4 I bought on the gray market, Apple didn't honour the warrenty. Although that might be different now.
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    See, I thought that too, but the Apple supporter said "where does it say that?" and then said that my Chinese iPhone camera was serviceable in Sweden, and could be covered by warranty.

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    I'd personally get on the phone to Apple directly and see what they have to say on the matter. There's a discussion on the Apple Forums about this, but people seem to be having different experiences.

    I've had both a US and a UK iPhone repaired in the Netherlands without any problems, inside and outside of the one year warranty.
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    Your camera is serviceable without any issues. The difference between models is the frequency they use in regards to the LTE networks. Cameras are the same on all models and since Apple Stores can replace cameras without having to replace entire devices, you can get it fixed.

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