Repairing MacBook by Myself (Battery / Life Support Issue)

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by svcghost, Jul 5, 2010.

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    Jul 4, 2010
    Hello everyone,

    I recently decided to attempt to repair my white MacBook. This is a big project for me, and I want to do it myself. I have a new MacBook Pro, so I am not too worried about breaking my old MacBook while trying to fix it.

    The problem with the MacBook is that I spilled water and champagne on it a while ago and now it will not turn on without being plugged in. The charger no longer supplies energy to the battery. There is probably a short somewhere. The battery DOES work. I have tested it in another MacBook, and it does receive energy from the charger, and DOES supply energy to the MacBook. The charger is fine too. It charges other MacBooks perfectly.

    What I please need from you guys is some help starting this.

    If someone can help with any of the following, I would be very grateful..
    -What supplies will I need? (tools and computer parts)
    -What are the risks? (human and computer dangers)
    -I need a document that helps identify or learn the hardware parts of the MacBook, so I can familiarize myself with them and thus ease the repair process.
    -Is there any guide on fixing this specific problem (this would be ideal)?

    I think you guys understand. Thank you very, very much!
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    Jan 23, 2008
  3. svcghost thread starter macrumors member

    Jul 4, 2010
    Thank you. Any chance this can be fixed without replacing parts? :-\ Any chance at all?
  4. Pax macrumors 6502a

    Dec 12, 2003
    You could try resetting the SMC, a very long shot. Google "SMC reset Mac" to find out how.

    IIRC there is a "DC in" board which is quite simple, just a connector from the Magsafe to the logic board. but it may depend on the model. That might be your problem. It's only tens of dollars I think.

    IIRC most of the charging function is on the logic board, a very expensive piece of kit. I don't think replacing the logic board is particularly difficult, it's just gonna be quite expensive (hundreds of dollars)

    As previous poster said, iFixit is great
  5. moral-hazard macrumors regular

    Jul 27, 2009
    Palo Alto, CA
    Not sure on the parts, but i'll also give a positive review for iFixit. I ordered their precision screwdriver set - not only is the quality great (very comprehensive set of all the bits you could possibly need to work on a mac), but they have great service. They got my stuff shipped to me next day :D
  6. fluffyx macrumors 6502

    Oct 25, 2007
    There's absolutely no chance that it's fixable without repairing/replacing parts.

    Based on your symptoms, the issue is either with the main logic board or the battery connector. The battery connector is an inexpensive part (don't pay more than $20 for it). There's a small chance it will fix the problem, and it's relatively easy to install.

    Much more frequently, we find that the issue is with the main logic board. If buy a new logic board, you'll pay more than the computer is worth. (The retail price for this part is around $650-$750.) However, a few repair companies exist outside of Apple (us included) can do cost-effective repairs on logic boards and provide excellent warranties on the service.

    Hopefully this will be helpful!

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