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Discussion in 'macOS' started by MacBH928, May 30, 2009.

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    May 17, 2008
    I do not know what repairing permissions do exactly but I know it maintains and fixes things on the mac.
    I know repair disk some how fix the structure of the file.

    I got new uni macbook 2.0 it was working fine and still is.

    The other day I plugged in a USB flash and was transferring files to it. At the same time I chose to delete files off my hard drive that have nothing to do with the ones going to the flash drive.

    I got a beach ball.

    Then performance was lagging. Like opening a new tab in Safari would take time and a beach ball. I tried to restart but the mac wouldn't so I forced shut it down using the power button. Now it works fine as it seems.

    I made a repair permission and I got a list of details saying "Permissions differ on..." and a list of files.
    These files include Front Row, iTunes, and MobileDevices (long file names for all)

    I did a verify disk, I did it over and over again and that list comes over and over again. I inserted in the install cd and made a repair disk , verify disk, repair permissions, verify permissions. No use. Same list of files appear each time.

    When this macbook was new(1 month ago) the list would never appear, even if there is something it would fix it.

    Shall I worry? What is this? How to fix it?
    Why the list won't go away? Won't it repair the permissions?

    Snow leopard is coming and I do not do clean installs
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    Oct 31, 2007
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    Short answer, don't worry about it. It's not unusual to have the same permissions errors repeatedly. If the computer's working OK, it's not a problem.
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    Apr 3, 2009
    is this really true??

    I guess I need the long answer...
    I have just run Onyx, Techtool pro and disk utility - one after the other - and they have all found AND SUPPOSEDLY REPAIRED the same set of permissions on my iMac intel, which are all in either QT, Front row, iTunes, iPhoto or some other variation of System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CoreMediaAuthoringPrivate.framework/.
    This doesn't really make sense to me - particularly since I don't really understand the entire "permissions" issue anyway.
    I THINK the computer is "working O.K." but one can never really be sure, right?
    And the bottom line is that the repair programs all say things like "should be...." but "they are....."
    Could you please explain why this state is normal and, therefore, acceptable, rather than a detailed list of stuff that's wrong and why these programs keep insisting that they have "repaired" these faults, when they haven't?
    Thanks for the time and help.

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