Repeated updates?


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Sep 18, 2013
Is anyone experiencing this? So annoying. (began with iOS 8)

After I finish updating my apps, for some inexplicable reason, when reopening the App Store, the SAME apps that were just updated are asking to be updated again (red badge). There's no way around it other than to re-update, which then clears it for good.

So frustrating.


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Feb 9, 2014
Meh. I don't even notice version numbers/dates any more. If it tells me to update I just update. Whatever the phone tells me to do I do it. I just submit. Dear Lord, I submit.:apple:


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May 3, 2012
There was a problem with apps with embedded frameworks. Apple fixed this server-side and issued all updates that had those issues again.


Feb 4, 2014
The reason you're seeing repeat updates is that Apple has reissued any updates from yesterday for apps with embedded frameworks due to an app store distribution bug that was was causing those apps to crash on launch.

Although the cause was different (this time it was the Team Identifier being incorrectly stripped from the binaries), it's a little similar to what happened with apps that had extensions when iOS 8 launched - in both instances Apple's side of things broke app builds that were fine when the developers submitted them.

For those with developer accounts you can read more about the specifics of the bug at:

So you should only see the updates repeated once and then the problem should be fixed, but if you're seeing the same update over and over again it's probably worth restarting your device to see if that helps.

Edit: ps3zocker beat me to it!


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Aug 8, 2009
There is something more. I only have the issue when updating the apps in iTunes on my Mac then syncing my iPhone. Before sync and after sync it will say it has updates. The App Store will show the updates but I can't update since the updates only have the "open" button. The only fix to this is to reinstall the app on the iPhone. Even with updates from apps I installed today. The apps work flawlessly and don't crash at all (so not like what they are describing in that link).


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Jun 23, 2010
As already mentioned there was an issue with embedded Frameworks that caused a bunch of apps to require a second update to function properly. That should be a one-time thing.

There is however an issue I've experienced for years with the app store where a new version will show in the app store before the download actually downloads the new version. You'll just get the old version again and it will prompt to update again whenever you open the app store. Waiting a while seems to fix it. I suspect it's a caching issue or an issue of the update being posted to the catalog before the app itself has propagated to all Apple's servers across the globe. It's been doing this intermittently as long as the app store has existed.


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Aug 8, 2009
That's not what is happening in my case. When updating apps on the iPhone there are no problems. It only happens with apps I've updated through iTunes on my Mac. Whenever I sync them with the iPhone they get transferred and the App Store will show them as being updated. The badge on the icon as well as on the "updates" section in the app won't change, it will still show I have x amount of updates.


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May 31, 2007
Florida, USA
This just happens sometimes. A while back I installed Tweetbot and then immediately had to update Tweetbot.

I think the "initial install" might hit a different server than the "update install".
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