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    Hello, I have recently replaced my server with a new mac mini server, which works pretty good, but I'm having some problems. I am currently using Wiki server as my blog on it and I do like some things about it, but I do not know how to allow anonymous comments on it. Outside of the blog, Wiki Server has almost no use, since I established my MediaWiki project on the server. My question is what blog platforms work on OS X server? I would really like to replace the current platform with something else. The other times I tried replacing the blog, I would automatically be kicked out, if I change pages or sections, while I experience no such events on my laptop. I have experience with the Wordpress, PivotX, and Serendipity, but I would prefer to stay away from Wordpress. My problem with Wordpress is that I can't get it to work on both LAN and the Internet, since I usually import posts via XML, when I use that platform, so in general I want something that does not require two addresses to be set. Both my laptop and the server have php 5.3.x series versions. My laptop runs php 5.3.3, since I could not get MediaWiki working with the default PHP version. My server has PHP 5.3.1 and MediaWiki works fine there. Would it just be better to put a linux VM on it, since I have a custom Linux LiveDVD that is installable with the server services I need, and run a virtual server? If so, do I need to put in entries for the VM into my modem or would port forwarding suffice from only the router, since the ports I need are already open on the modem?

    Note: I was going to put this in the OS X server section, but I was unsure if it belonged there. If it really does belong there, feel free to have it moved.
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    Solution found

    Ok, I found my own solution. I tested the latest version of Serendipity and it worked without troubles in OS X server. The easiest way to replace the blog platform is the following:

    1. make sure the userdir Apache module is enabled
    2. go through the normal installation process of the platform you desire
    3. delete all user blogs on Wiki server
    4. disable blog services on the server

    This only works if the platform is located in the Sites folder of any user's directory and will not mess up the system too bad.

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