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Original poster
Aug 19, 2002
Mid-West USA
Well I started down this "upgrade" road with the rumors of the new iPad Pro M3 if you can believe it! The delayed release of the new iPad Pro M3 has me thinking hard about "culling the heard" a bit. Maybe even just passing down the my current M1 iPad Pro to my daughter and making do with a MacBook Pro M3 laptop for home and travel (and trading in my M1 MacMini.

I use an M1 MacMini (with OWC USB Dock) on my desktop with two Dell 27" monitors. One USB-C and the other a display port model.

1. Would using a MacBook Pro M3 (probably closed lid) as my desktop machine have any drawbacks vs. the M1 MacMini? Let's assume same 16 GB of RAM and 1 TB of hard drive storage. Does closed operation of the M3 Laptop cause heat slow downs for instance?

2. Could I get decent speeds using my iPhone 13 Pro to give an M3 MacBook Pro cellular access to the internet (when needed)?

Finally what brought me down this road is that a new iPad Pro with the new keyboard might be approaching the price of the M3 MacBook Pro.

Any suggestions, thoughts, and help on this dilemma would be much appreciated!😌
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