Replace Time Capsule's Hard Disk - which one?

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    TL;DR: I need a new hard disk for my time capsule. Should be WD. Which color should I choose?

    Long story:
    I bought a Time Capsule that looks kind of like the trash bin Mac Pro (i.e. not like the Mac mini) and its hard drive is about to die. It is a Seagate which originally comes from Samsung. Since you cannot separate Seagate's native hard drives from those Samsung produced, I would much rather go with Western Digital. Because those Samsung left-overs died massively in my USB drives and in my web servers (they now have WD Re).
    However, I had very bad experiences with WD hard disks back when they had no color. I guess, they are blue now. So no blue for me.

    There are the green ones: Had them in a home-built NAS server and in a Late 2009 iMac, both still work fine. So the greens would be worth a consideration.
    Downside: Only two year warranty.

    There are the red ones: They are meant to be used in NAS servers that are always on. Have them in two computers, no problems so far, but both are below one year old. So I don't know about their reliability. Though I am unsure about the use case since they are designed for 24/7 while my Time Capsule is most of the time asleep. It only runs 5 minutes per hour, when Time Machine decides to do a backup.
    Plus: Three year warranty.

    And there are the purple ones. They are designed to be used in CCTVs which I would consider a similar case like my Time Capsule if they record event-based, so they are idle most of the time. However WD says they are optimized for video streaming, so this is a little bit off-topic regarding a backup device.
    Plus: Three year warranty.

    So what WD hard disk should I go for? Which one suits best for a Time Capsule that is idle most of the time?

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    I won't try to give you advice on what to buy specifically, but I have only good experiences with WD RED drives. I run them on the backup/archive NAS boxes at work, and I have four of them (the 3TB version) in my home server (file server + Time Capsule emulator). Of over 30 such disks in my immediate vicinity, one has developed a couple of bad blocks over the last few years. That's pretty acceptable if you ask me.

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