Replacement Battery for MacBook (13-inch, Aluminum, Late 2008)

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by BrianBaughn, Mar 26, 2017.

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    Yet another replacement battery thread!

    Just returned a "BULL-TECH" battery that I got via Amazon that died 26 days after I received it. System Profiler said that the manufacturer was SMP (the same as the original battery). Can that info be spoofed?

    All of the cheap batteries on Amazon look the same to me. The ratings are similar for most...I think many reviews are BS and some are legit but written too soon (my battery worked great for over two weeks). The stated warranty from most is one year, but with these Amazon sellers I'm thinking the company disappears in a few months and pops up again with a new name selling the same thing (most of the batteries have no branding on them).

    More "reputable" Amazon laptop battery sellers such as Lizone and Anker don't stock this battery and I'm wondering if it's because there aren't any good ones being made.

    Other "reputable" sellers I could go with are OWC ( and iFixit. Their equivalent batteries sell for about $100. $100 doesn't make me think that it's a great battery. What I'm thinking is that for $100 I can do two returns and they still come out ahead as they're sending me the exact same thing the Amazon sellers.

    So, if I have a main question it's this: Has anyone purchased this particular battery from either OWC or iFixit in the last year and, if so, how is it performing?
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    The thing that would worry me about using those cheaper batteries is whether they'll short out and explode. I would spend the extra cash and put in a genuine Apple battery, if that option is available. Otherwise, I would be confident in the iFixit or OWC battery.

    Shame that Anker isn't selling them anymore. I trust them too.

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