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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by digitalpencil, Aug 5, 2008.

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    Hi, after realizing my battery has dropped 5% in health since yesterday, i started checking threads here to see what I could do and understand that I can send my battery back to apple for a replacement..

    My question is, how long is the average turn-around for replacement batteries? can i run my MBP plugged in without one? and, what can I do in future to ensure that it remains healthy?
    I used to use my MBP plugged in most of the time and have lately been letting it run down and then plug it back in again which, i figured would do it good but it appears it has decreased its capacity!? Is it wise to calibrate the new one when it arrives? from there, how often should i calibrate it?

    Thanks and apologies for any redundant questions.
    Battery loadcycles: 149
    Age of mac: 12 mnths
    Current battery capacity: 4063 mAh
    Original: 5600 mAh
    health: 72%

    ps: i've got applecare
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    New MBP battery

    My battery also was way below specs: at 82% the battery lasted about twenty minutes. Nine months old, 61 cycles, still listed as 'good'. I took the MBP into an Authorized Repair shop. They kept the battery for testing, but I took the MBP home with me. Two days later they handed me a new battery - free.

    The Sony battery sucked, but Apple rocks!


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